Inspired by the geographical uniqueness, meaning and the significant source behind the name BAAL = “master”, the Phoenician god of prosperity, wisdom and lightning, we found it fit to call our company.

Summer 1993, our company was founded by two artisans. Now, a 4 story-high facility situated on the northern hills of Beirut, Lebanon, employs over 30 competent craftsmen and women in addition to 7 administrative and executive managers working under the rules and regulations set by the pertaining labor, environmental and industrial laws of Lebanon. On 2013, we have a registered company in Dubai with operations in GCC & MENA regions.

At Baal we serve hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, and corporate companies in the GCC, MENA and EUROPE.

By concrete determination and development, it is of great importance to us to guide our company and products into more environmentally greener destinations.